Imam Ali Popular Students Relief Society is a fully independent, non-political and non-governmental organization which was officially registered with registration number 19061 in the year 1999, and has been continuing its activities under the ministry of interior’s certification since that year. In 2010, Imam Ali Society obtained a special consultative status in the United Nations, and became a member of the economic and social council of this organization, as well as a member of the general advisory board in 2018, which has introduced it as one of the active organizations in reducing social dilemmas at an international level.

Members of Imam Ali Society, including students and the general public, voluntarily participate in social and relief activities related to helping women and children in need. Imam Ali Society has formal offices in Sharif University and the University of Tehran, with an additional thousands active members in other universities across Tehran and other cities. The members of the society opened their first formal popular office in the South of Tehran and in Molavi area in 2006. It was named the “Iranian House”, so that it would serve as a symbol of the large step taken by Iranian students towards helping the development of Iran. Imam Ali Society currently has 44 Iranian Houses and 10 active representative offices in Tehran (in the areas of Molavi, Khak Sefid, Darvazeh Ghar, Lab Khat and Farahzad), Varamin, Shahr-e Rey, Ahmad Abad Mostofi, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Isfahan, Kerman, Bushehr, Sistan va Baloochestan, Kermanshah, Sari, Gorgan, Karaj and etc.

Imam Ali society’s mission is to create a world based on peace and equality, with special care towards the vulnerable members of the society, especially children. Working towards this goal and after 20 years of activity and constant efforts and endeavors from the people of our country, around 6100 children from all over the country are now under the coverage of Imam Ali’s services in Iranian homes, so that they can change the face and reputation of their neighborhoods in the future.

Imam Ali society believes in encouraging and increasing public participation in social policies, and giving social functions to national-religious rituals in order to enhance the social and humanitarian status within the society. Individuals suffering from social problems such as poverty and addiction, child labor, bread winner mothers, children with special diseases, vulnerable girls and children charged with criminal activities are all under the coverage of the society’s programs.

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An overview of the society’s main activities can be summarized as follows:

  1. Setting up more than 44 relief centers called “Iranian Homes” in deprived areas to provide services to children
  2. Rescuing 47 teenagers sentenced to death penalty by asking forgiveness from the victim’s family and raising funds of up to 200 million Tomans for their blood money through popular donations in the “Teflan-e Moslem” program
  3. Setting up 8 entrepreneurship Iranian Homes across Iran during the past year for women who are the head of their households
  4. Setting up Iranian Treatment Homes across Tehran to provide free dental and medical services to children under the coverage of the society
  5. Collaboration with UNICEF and supporting more than one thousand Afghan children deprived from education in a free education program in the years 2014-2015 and 2015-16
  6. Distributing food packages to more than 8000 families in need and in deprived areas across the country during the month of Ramadan using the popular funds raised in the summer of 2018
  7. Holding 4 series of the children’s soccer league called the “Persian Soccer League”, with the participation of teams including children, teenagers, and youth of the affected and marginal neighborhoods which are covered by Imam Ali Society’s support from all around the country in Iran. (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)
  8. Holding 2 seasons of track and field games for girls and boys under the coverage of Imam Ali Society in 2017 and 2018.
  9. Holding one season of Persian Volleyball League for girls who are covered by Imam Ali Society’s support in 2017.
  10. Assistance to the hurt refugees from the ISIS war in refugee’s camps in Kurdistan, Iraq – summer 2015.
  11. Assistance and help to the displaced and hurt people from Syria’s war in Tartus, Syria – 2017.
  12. Organizing several national and regional plans and programs throughout the country during the year; which are as follows:
  • Teflan Moslem Ritual: Pursuit of forgiveness, and support for the children and teenagers who are sentenced to retaliation and had committed crime under the age of eighteen.
  • Kucheh Gardan-e Ashegh Ritual: Delivering food to thousands of families in need during Ramadan.
  • Ka’be Kariman Ritual: Granting the wishes of deprived children and the victims of child labor on the birthday of Imam Ali.
  • Safaye Sai’e Ritual: Supporting mothers who are the head of their families by inviting the pilgrims during the days of Haj.
  • Shaam Ayyaran Ritual: Announcing the hatred of Iranian students towards the addiction in the country along with supporting the people who are hurt by the addiction and their families.
  • Maternal Plan: Supporting pregnant women and their children who are dealing with addiction and are living in marginal neighborhoods.
  • Haftseen Barekat Ritual: Celebrating the New Year (Nowruz) besides the children of marginal neighborhoods all around the country.
  • Yalda in the Streets of Poverty Ritual: A different night of Yalda along with deprived children all around the country.
  • Holding specialized seminars on social harms in recent years:

+ The first specialized seminar on the Iranian victims of child labor – 2/2014

+ The first specialized seminar on addiction and pregnancy – 11/2014

+ The first seminar on the children and teenager’s addiction in the marginal neighborhoods – 2/2015

+ The first seminar on children’s marriage in deprived neighborhoods – 11/2016

+ The first seminar on child abuse in the deprived neighborhoods – 1/2018

+ The 6th specialized conference of the Maternal Plan (focusing on the problems of women and children who are interfering with addiction)  from 2015 to 2019

  • International activities in the United Nations and the Middle East for the aim of peace-building.



For more information, visit Contact Us page or contact with Imam Ali Society’s public relations: 021-88834567