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The last camp of Persian year of the Iranian House, was held with a group of boys from the Iranian House of Darvazeh Ghar, Shahreri and Shapur. The camp was accompanied by volunteer members for a day at the desert area of Abu Zidabad near the city of Kasha. After that, they had an opportunity to talk and play in a caravanserai. Holding this camp created a lot of motivation and enthusiasm in the boys and caused unity among them.

We hope that the athletes and artists children of Imam Ali community will have great progress in the field of education, sports and art in the new year by gaining energy from this camp .



Time for learning the English language in Iranian Home

According to the importance of the English language in the current world, the weight of this language in the entrance exam of students, and the weakness of formal education, the Iranian Home of Darvazeh Ghar started holding English classes for teenagers. Now, after passing the English level assessment, the students are assigned to five levels, and separate and regular training classes have been held for each level.


Sock dolls

The 7-year-old children of Iranian Home at Darvazeh-e-Ghar made sock dolls and performed puppet shows in one of the art and creativity classes with the handicrafts and socks they had.

🔸 This program, which aims to increase children’s imagination, strengthen their creative dimension, assess the basis of their visual literacy, and learning them the relativity of facial features and make them familiar with characterization, also strengthens the fingers and the function of the right and left hands. Also using puppets makes it possible to reconstruct everyday life and increases the power of communication between students.

Teaching the culture of environmental protection in the Iranian house of Darvazeh Ghar

Some girls of Darvazeh Ghar Iranian House, who have been gaining valuable knowledge about the importance of the environment and how to protect it in their environmental class in the Iranian House for several months, held a workshop for other children of this house on the occasion of World Environment Day.

This workshop was held in three shifts for three different age groups so that the children of the Iranian house of Darvazeh Ghar would get acquainted with the importance of preserving the environment and the issue of waste separation.

In two younger age groups, this workshop was held as a game in which children had to throw each garbage in a special bin according to its type. In the older age group, the topics were presented in PowerPoint format. We hope that by preserving the Imam Ali Society, we will be able to conduct such cultural education in Iranian Houses for children in order to raise a concerned generation in society.


Looking of peace

Reading books is one of the most popular and old programs of the Darvazehghar Iranian Home. These days, a purposeful reading project has begun to introduce children to the concept of “peace.” This program is for children from 9 to 13 years old. In the first part, children read a story from the book “Three Stories” by Umberto Eco as a group, and in the second part, they will do solo painting with a free subject. This program aims to introduce children to abstract concepts such as peace through painting and practical work.

The tree planting

The tree of love, knowledge, and art that we planted in this house some years ago is now flourishing. This has resulted in children who are raising trees of life with their love and wisdom.

On the occasion of the 15th of Esfand, the tree planting day, we together with our children of Darvazeh Ghar’s Iranian Home will be planting kindness in the garden; as we believe that winter will not stay forever and the ax cannot cause harm on the roots of this tenacious tree.
As Hafez Shirazi says:

Grow friendship trees that lead to gain,
Destroy hatred seedlings that cause pain

Now the graphite/charcoal drawings of artists at the Iranian Home of Darvazeh Ghar shine on the house walls of the enthusiasts.

Some of the children at the Iranian Home of Darvazeh Ghar have been learning the art of Graphite/Charcoal drawing for more than a year now. They learned the art step by step and managed to present and sell a collection of their artworks in the “White Pen” virtual exhibition. Now our teenage artists are ready to accept your graphite/charcoal orders if you are interested in this type of drawing.

Please pay attention to the following points before placing an order: The cost of the order will be calculated based on the desired image/photo and the dimensions of the work.

The minimum order size is set to be A3 paper. A good quality photo in black and white is very much appreciated. At least three weeks will be needed for an order to be prepared.

Sowing the seeds of the alphabet in the land of love

The Iranian Home of “Darvazeh Ghar” has organized a classroom for 5-7 year-old children who have dropped out of preschool and First grade. This class is held two days a week by volunteer members who specialize in preschool and First grade. In this class, children learn the concepts and basics of mathematics and the Persian language in the form of games and entertainment. In addition, the basics of health and nutrition are taught to children through indirect education. In indirect and participatory education, children learn general and basic concepts through crafting, purposeful games, and teaching aids to prepare for formal school classes.

Singing lessons, peace lessons

The music is full of emotions happiness, sadness, longing, hope and freedom. Group singing helps children and teenagers build their confidence, give them an opportunity to communicate with others, and make their minds more creative. Considering all the benefits of singing, the Iranian home of Imam Ali Relief Society in Darvaze Qar branch offers signing lessons for children and teenagers of Darvaze Qar to develop their singing skills. In the last days of autumn, we listened to the performance of kids in the Sound of Peace group.

House of hope and happiness

In a world where humanity was dead, Imam Ali Society transformed me.

Life was monotonous. I felt lonely as I walked down the alleys. Feeling lonely because nobody understood, rather than because nobody was around. Loneliness had taken all my heart. The world was in the colors that drove me crazy. A world of pure silence. The world was a dead-end. I had no more hope.Until I found people who were real. I got to know people who didn’t just care about themselves. The world changed from dark to different colors, which taught me I am no longer alone. I can shout. I can withdraw the right that has been taken away from me for years.

In a world where humanity was dead, Imam Ali Society transformed me. We are no longer alone. We all live together; where selfishness does not work. An Iranian house where we can see the smiles of children. A house that brings hope and joy back to life when it opens. Where it gave us wings to fly.

By Zeinab, one of the children of Darvazehghar Iranian house.

The kind companion of kids at the Iranian Home in Darvaze-Ghar

One of our popular classes at this Iranian Home is where we read, introduce and analyze books. These days classes are either held with respect to sanitary protocols or through online sessions.

Reading books boosts creativity, imagination and cognitive abilities in kids and adolescents. Kids at this Iranian Home take part in groups and introduce books they have read and discuss them with each other.

This house is shining

After several months of virtual communication and online classes, the Iranian Home at Darvazeh Ghar has resumed its face-to-face activities.

According to the review by training and aid teams and because of the need for face-to-face communication with some children and adolescents, a number of educational classes in the Iranian Home at Darvazeh Ghar are held once a week respecting sanitary protocols.

Sound of Peace

The Iranian Sound of Peace Group Performance in Art House, Sunday 24th May.

This performance created a pleasant atmosphere with the artistry of the children of Imam Ali Society, with the virtual participation of the audience on Instagram Live, on Eid al-Fitr day promissed the message of love and peace.

The Sound of Peace Group is working hard to create a bright future in the arts.

ID :Darvazehghar_ias

To place an order, please contact the public relations of the Iranian Home of Darvazeh Ghar: 09396007178
ID: @darvazehghar_ias

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