The scent of a gift, the scent of a cannon ball, the scent of colored paper

Imam Ali’s Society tends to hold an annual food festival and charity market during the final days of the year, with the incentive of introducing its various activities to the society, attracting human and financial aids and resources, and gathering public support for its activities towards supporting deprived and disadvantaged women and children.

 This festival is a good opportunity for enthusiasts to become familiar with the different Iranian Homes operating in various cities, since they are all in one place and all that is needed to be done is to visit their distinct booths. All branches of the society and many other groups are all gathered in one place to represent and introduce their activities, and to demonstrate the artworks of the women and children under their support.

The goals of the New Year festival charity market:

  • Introducing Imam Ali society relief and social activities.
  • Presenting and informing the society about the problems and challenges of women and children living in the deprived neighborhoods.
  • Attracting financial resources and raising money to support the activities of Imam Ali’s society throughout the year.
  • Selling various products from Imam Ali’s society’s entrepreneurship units in order to empower vulnerable children, women and families.
  • Recruiting human resources and volunteers to participate in Imam Ali society’s activities.

Executive programs:

  • Food festival
  • Booths for introduction and sale of entrepreneurship products of Iranian Homes.
  • Booths for the introduction and sale of entrepreneurship products of Imam Ali’s society’s agencies across the country.
  • Rental Booths in support of Imam Ali’s society.
  • Painting exhibits and gallery’s from domestic artists.
  • Game and entertainment booths for children and adults.
  • Cultural and artistic program (An anthem performed by the children supported by Iranian Homes.)
  • Cultural and artistic program (Concert performance by Imam Ali’s society’s music band.)
  • Cultural and artistic programs (Theatrical performance by Imam Ali’s society’s Iranian Art Home.)
  • Cultural and artistic programs (Concert performance by professional music bands in support of Imam Ali society.)
  • Cultural and artistic programs (Numerous fun and entertaining shows in collaboration with various cultural and artistic groups.)

The audience and general participants of the new year festival:

  • Students and professors from various universities in Tehran
  • Famous artists and celebrities who support and accompany Imam Ali society
  • Volunteer members of Imam Ali society
  • Charity contributors of Imam Ali society
  • Audiences of Imam Ali society’s social networks and media
  • People attracted through various advertising methods
  • Locals of the festival location
  • Corporate directors and legal entities
  • Other NGOs
  • Media and news agencies

bouye-eydi festival