Imam Ali Popular Students Relief Society code of ethics includes the following nine principles:

Principle 1 – Belief in God: IAPSRS is based on the belief in God and defines its activities in accordance with the teachings of the Prophets in benevolence, empathy, and supporting orphans and the people in need.

Principle 2 – Freedom of Religion: In IAPSRS people can enter without regard to their religion. No one is allowed to inquire about the religion and beliefs of the members, and everyone respects each other’s opinions.

Principle 3 – Equality: IAPSRS views all human beings as equal without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion, and condemns any form of racial discrimination.

Principle IV – Human Rights: IAPSRS is committed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and believes that the principles contained in this declaration are the rights of all human beings and seeks to bring justice.

Fifth Principle – International Peace: IAPSRS condemns any war and bloodshed that kills civilians, especially children and women, and is committed to the moral principles of non-violence and international peacekeeping.

Principle VI – Fighting Hunger: Imam Ali Popular Student Relief Society believes that having access to sufficient food is a right for all human beings and considers solving the global hunger crisis as one of its most important goals.

Principle VII – Children’s Rights: Imam Ali Popular Student Relief Society has accepted the convention on Children’s Rights. Imam Ali Society tries to comply with and enforces the provision of this convention for children in Iran and other countries in the world.

Principle 8 – Environment: Global warming, inappropriate use of fossil fuels, air, water and land pollution, degradation of forests and pastures, and extinction of animal species are important issues, which are condemned by the Imam Ali Popular Student Relief Society.

Ninth principle – Relief: Relief and emergency aid for natural disasters such as drought, famine, flood, and earthquakes, etc. is one of Imam Ali Popular Students Relief Society’s most important missions.