Joys are hidden
It is enough to look for them
Joys are also looking for us
to find us…

Photo: Sakhi dad Balouch
Written by: Morteza Balouch

The virtual exhibition “passage through margins” — a collection of photos taken by Baloch photographers orienting “life during COVID-19

Our world is filled with beauty and ugliness at the same time, and our life is so dominated by this contrast that we can neither love nor hate it. Our Baloch artists are themselves through images of this intermingled time, and turning beauty and hideousness into a picture is their art.

Just as our significant artists who have stood up against poverty, discrimination, and injustice and did not surrender to the imperfections, their art too, while retaining technical and visual beauties, demonstrates what Sistan-and-Baluchestan* has been through.
*A province in Iran

Our Baloch artists present their work in the virtual exhibition “passage through margins”, this time more different than ever before. We’ll witness photos taken during the Covid pandemic.



The third photography exhibition of labor children arts

The third photography exhibition of labor children arts named “Labour of Passion” was held in Canada on 28 and 29 February. Following the successful custom of holding these exhibitions by the volunteer members of the Society in Canada, this time 36 images of the Balouch artists, the artist children of Imam Ali Society, were on display for two days.
The exhibition of “Heart Work” was warmly welcomed by the Canadian people. During these two days, more than 200 hundred visitors including the artists, academians, entrepreneurs, and other Iranian and non-Iranian art lovers visited this exhibition. Along with the exhibition, the jewelry market, made by the household women and artist adolescent girls of the Society, was held,too.There items were admired by the visitors too.

You can visit this exhibition by following the telegram page: @baluchartists

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