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In the name of the God

Yesterday’s children of Imam Ali community that today ,they become Photographers, teachers, musicians, athletes, and theater actors of society, speak about their experiences. “All of us are ambassadors of Imam Ali. all of us are defenders of this community. No one can say this community should be closed. Imam Ali Society is not a home […]

Pakdasht Iranian House

Pakdasht Iranian House News School registration report of the Iranian home of Pakdasht in the year 2022 One of the Imam Ali society activities In Pakdasht is to support and lead the children to continue their education by tracking and solving the administrative issues. The major issue is that children who don’t have identifications are […]


Nowruz is the act of renewing and flourishing; wiping away sorrows and grief from faces. This year, as every year on the eve of Nowruz, with your help, food bags and new clothes were prepared and distributed throughout the country among families and children under the support of the Imam Ali Society   


Notification Dear companions from abroad, in order to take part in the 23rd food distribution plan, the following links are accessible: From all around the world, financial participation is possible via the following link: https://agapengo.com/international-payment/jameiat-emam-ali From Europe, necessary guidance will be available through the email address NiikyFoundation@gmail.com and telegram ID t.me/NIIKY_Admin Also, the link below is […]

Molavi Iranian Home

Puberty workshop Due to the special importance of the sensitive and critical period of adolescence, last week in Molavi’s Iranian Home, a puberty workshop was organized by the treatment team in collaboration with a volunteer doctor for adolescent girls and their mothers. One of the main goals of this workshop was to increase the level […]

IAPSRS statment on Russian invasion of Ukraine

As a civic society, we believe that continuous war is destroying lives and undermining previous humanitarian efforts. We strongly condemn any kind of aggressive actions against civilians especially children. Wars exacerbate social challenges and the vulnerability of human communities. Poverty, sexual harassment of women, and child abuse are just some of the catastrophic outcomes of […]