6137 kids…

🔻 20 years, every hour beside damaged kids, who didn’t perceive anything but labor from living on this land.
20 years, every single hour beside kids who left their pains of an addicted father and a shelterless mother behind the door of a house.
20 years, every second beside kids who found refuge in a thousand volunteers’ embrace. Volunteers who discovered the meaning of life in educating others, in the vivacity of childish plays, in art and creation, sports enthusiasm, motivation for healing and finally building a bright future for themselves and their society.

🔻 How can we believe that we won’t hear their joyful laughter anymore?
How can we watch the sprouting hope in their hearts die away?
How is it possible to ignore their questioning eyes asking why they were left alone while passing through life’s most difficult paths?

💢 And the question that worries us most day and night: what will happen to the future of our 6137 kids?

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