A collective statement by journalists and members of the media in protest of the security crackdown on civil society activists in the Imam Ali society

A collective statement by journalists and members of the media in protest of the security crackdown on civil society activists in the Imam Ali society
Release members of one of the most effective civil society organizations in the country
Emtedad-Newsgroup: A group of media activists in a statement called for the release of members of the Imam Ali society.
According to Emtedad the text of the statement reads:
Civic activists and journalists often find the same mission and stand together. When a demand is raised in the social sphere, or when a social dilemma or harm that causes human suffering is to be examined or reflected, it is the synergy and the additional effectiveness of the two groups that forms the effort to save humanity or to demand the right of The oppressed that have been taken away from them.

In recent weeks, the arrest of the founder and two members of the Imam Ali society has taken the media by surprise, as charity work has always been revered in Iranian culture and helping the deprived is one of the most basic religious teachings in society. But the recent security crackdown on three people who have been helping the poverty-stricken people for years is a surprise. Fortunately, as of this publication, Katayoun Afrazeh and Morteza Keymanesh two of the detainees, have been released.

Imam Ali’s society is known in the media and among journalists as one of the effective civic institutions in the field of social harms. This population with transparent performance always has a significant area of influence, especially in critical situations. In many social harms, accurate and scientific information and statistics of this institution are regarded as a reliable reference by journalists, especially social journalists. The security view of an institution that always tries to improve the quality of life of the affected people in the social sphere and away from any political tendencies, is not justified in today’s society.

We believe that any security deal with the civil institutions of a society can only a contribute to the deepening of the suffering and anger of the people, the increase in the scope of social harms, and the weakening and marginalizing of civic activities. The impact of civic institutions in reducing harm and creating solidarity in a society is not something that can be easily overlooked.

The signatories of this statement believe that today Iran needs the strengthening of civil institutions more than ever. There is no doubt that powerful social activists and civic institutions can play a very effective role in critical situations. In such circumstances, the detention of social activists not only destroys the remnants of trust in society, but can also pave the way for less influence of civic institutions in society.

By signing this statement, we journalists call for the immediate release of the founder of one of the most reputable civil society organizations in Iran.

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