A gathering to meet Imam Ali Society in Canada

At the gathering that was held in autumn, a group of student volunteers from Imam Ali Society in Canada, held a meeting titled “introduce and report Society’s activities” for new people to meet the Society and recruit new volunteers. around thirty people who had declared their readiness to meet and cooperate, attended this meeting.
In the beginning, the attendees talked about their values, goals, and expectations for attending this meeting. Then, the volunteers presented a description of the formation, the mission, and the goals of this NGO. Also, a member of the human resource of the Society’s international comittee presented the activities and various projects of the Society online. After the Q&A section, the team members presented a brief overview of the projects which were completed over the past year and what they are planning to do for the next year. Finally, the ways of communication and direct cooperation with the Society through communication with the international team and participating in field activities abroad, for the international projects and the projects which are being done in Iran, were explained.
Some achievements of the meeting:
Formation a group of Iranians living in Canada with a common concern, as well as declaring readiness from a significant number of the attendees for assistance and participating in the relevant projects and offering proposals for new activities.


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