Activities of Imam Ali Society in 1399

The project of supporting medical staff
(providing medical facilities for medical staff in the poor rural areas during the COVID-19 pandemic)

Trying to control the spread of Coronavirus
(Distribution of food along with hygiene packages including health and hygiene tips among the families supported by Imam Ali Society)

Holding educational courses in Iranian Homes
(Online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic)

Project of distancing from hunger
(Supporting three thousand families living in poor areas during the pandemic)

Holding the tradition of food distribution among poor families in the midst of the nights for the 21st time

Holding live sessions discussing social and legal gaps in the case of Romina Sharifi
(Ms. Rahimi: is the law dissuasive enough for parents so that a child be secure in his/her home?)

Contribution of Imam Ali Society with Mehr-e-Giti Institute in building four schools in the Sistan and Baluchestan province

The 13th tradition of Safaye-Say’
(Renting houses for female-headed households in the marginal areas, for a duration of one year)

The 15th conference of Moslem Children
(A project for liberalizing teenagers sentenced to death from Moharam until Safar)

Live session about the role of non-governmental organizations in promoting peace across society.

Detention of Katayoun Afraze and her release on bail after 31 days

Detention of Morteza Keymanesh and his release on bail after 32 days

The project “talk about Mehr” in the year 1399
(Buying and distribution of items needed by children living in deprived areas for a whole school year on the occasion of school year beginning)

Holding the first virtual film and theatre festival by all children of “Sun of Imam Ali Society”

Live session on the occasion of national children week

Holding the nationwide Giraffe festival of story writing designed for children and teenagers of Imam Ali Society

Detention of Sharmin Meymandinejad, the founder of Imam Ali Society, and his release on bail after 129 days

Holding the second round of Quran competition for children and teenagers of marginal areas

The live session about the effect of COVID-19 virus and pandemic on educational deprivation of children

Holding a live session on the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labor discussing corona, child labor, and education subjects

The ritual of Yalda in the alleys of poverty
(The Yalda celebration and gift-giving to the children of poor marginal areas

The live session of “children without dreams” with an analytical approach about Reza, our lost child

A live session on improving the psychological and social health of teenagers and youth

The project “sounds of water’s footsteps”
(Providing drinkable water to the villages of Sistan and Baluchestan province)

Identifying the earthquake-affected areas of Sisakht through Imam Ali Society members together with relief activities

Holding the project of “Ka’be Kareeman”
(Making the forgotten wishes of children come true on the occasion of Imam Ali’s birthday)

Holding the online event of “Booye Eidi”
(Selling products which were made by the women running female-headed households in the employment houses)

Working along with the hope campaign for Sisakht
(In this campaign, with the support of the Imam Ali Society, I am going to ride an 800 km route between Tehran to Sisakht …)

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