Afghanistan humanitarian crisis

Afghanistan humanitarian crisis

The cities and provinces of Afghanistan have been falling under the rule of the terrorist group, the Taliban. Thousands of innocent people have been killed, captured, or displaced. But these catastrophes neither have been properly reflected in the world news nor have been noticed by public opinion.

As Afghanistan’s neighbor and people who speak the same language as the Afghan people, we condemn the inaction of peace institutions and human rights advocates. Also, we intend to reiterate to you what is happening in Afghanistan and urge the international community and all human rights advocates to work for the security of millions of people who live in Afghanistan, especially Afghan women and children.

After capturing the cities, the Taliban took the lives and properties of the people who resisted against them. No one should forget that Taliban forces have no moral and legal prohibitions. War is bad for any country, and it causes a lot of personal, financial, and psychological damages to every person but it disproportionately affects women and children. It has been heard that the Taliban have banned unaccompanied women from going out, and those who violate the law are subjected to violence. On the eastern borders of Iran, we see more than a thousand Afghan asylum seekers entering refugee camps every day in search of security. These are all small fractions of what is happening to the Afghan people, especially women and children.

Based on what has been reported to us so far, the following should be considered as the main actions in the case of Afghanistan:

1) No country should recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

2) Paying special attention to the situation of Afghan children. The blatant violation of children’s rights is one of the most important tragedies taking place in Afghanistan. Children who witness direct manifestations of violence daily, including the presence of armed men on the streets, the killing of civilians and the hostage-taking of their family members. Girls who have been denied access to education and social presence. The International society concerning human rights must not look away from sexual enslavement of Afghan girls under the name of forced marriage. Children who are exposed to illness, malnutrition, and severe psychological shock. Also, the situation of children who have sought refuge in other countries in search of security should not be overlooked. The security of these children and their access to basic human rights can only be achieved through the mediation of international organizations supporting peace and children’s rights.

3) Provide a platform for rapid migration of at-risk groups, including media activists, women’s rights advocates, artists, and anti-Taliban political campaigners. There are reports that the Taliban are seeking to find and punish media and women activists after capturing cities. These groups are more at risk with the closure of embassies and airports, as well as the occupation of land routes by the Taliban. Special measures should be taken to ensure the security of these groups.

4) Pay special attention to refugee camps on the borders of Afghanistan, especially given the acute pandemic conditions in neighboring Afghanistan, including Iran, Pakistan, and India. According to the United Nations, some 270,000 refugees have been displaced this year, and we expect this number to raise rapidly. Attention to refugee camps on Afghanistan’s borders to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe must be at the forefront of humanitarian action.

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