And maybe love can heal your wounds…

Extreme diseases in children bring up challenges and hardships not only for themselves but also for the entire family. Families with sick children are faced with financial, domestic, and social problems.

Tara group, which is a group of trained professionals operating as part of Imam Ali Society’s treatment committee, helps lift the burden off the shoulders of children and their families by organizing activities such as child interaction, play therapy, social work, developmental psychology, mourning therapy, creative shows and etc, in children’s hospitals.

A few other activities of this group are listed below:

Holding professional summits to inform families of Stem cell treatment challenges
Funding costly Stem cell treatment for 25 kids,
Partially funding Stem cell treatment for 30 kids,
Building and selling golden ribbons,
Funding expenses of examinations, blood transfusions, and stem cell therapy routines
Financial aid for relocating to Tehran and living expenses



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