Could be the tourism a way to get out of poverty in Sistan and Balouchestan ?

Ghasre-e ghand famous for being the capital city of Mahran in old times, is located in a special geographical place in the vicinity of Chanahar, Nikshahr, Sarbaz. It has many historic and natural tourism attractions with a great potential to become a tourist spot.
Sistan and Balouchestan is one of the richest provinces in Iran that for many years has been forgotten due to fears of insecurities and lack of enough facilities and foundations which is required for tourism industry Nevertheless, in the recent years, its unique natural beauties of this region have been introduced more that has leaded to attract more tourists both nationally and internationally.
However, the present tourism rate is very low compared to its real potential to attract tourists.
For instance, Ghasr-e Ghand region could become a spectacular tourist spot for having such a unique nature like mountains and the beautiful Kajou river with Marsh crocodile in it, waterfalls, tropical gardens, old aqueducs and other historic sites like old castles and cemeteries besides its agriculture and handy crafts.Turning this place to such a tourist spot, needs financial investment and infrastructure development. Also it takes to educate locals about how to become an entrepreneur in producing local products and handicrafts.
Unfortunately in the recent flood, villages of Ghasre-e Ghand region have faced dramatic damages ghat reveals the crucial deprivation of facilities in this region even more than past.
But the critical matter here is removing poverty in this region through targeting the systematic development in tourism after resolving the flood damages.

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