Education in Quarantine

With the outbreak of the Crona virus and the closure of the Shahre-rey Iranian House (Qala_Gabri), the requirements to comply with quarantine conditions, and health protection of children and volunteers, the education department of Shahre-rey i Iranian House (Qala-e-Gabri) has organized online classes, in order to maintain communication with children and follow their education.

In this project, by purchasing an internet package for a number of teenagers who have access to cell phones, the educational topics will be taught to them through social networks, their questions will be answered, and assignments and evaluations will be reviewed by volunteer teachers.

For children with no access to cell phones, educational content is prepared in different formats and sent. They also share this information with other friends and family members and help them learn and practice.

Accordingly, our adolescents will take a big step in educating themselves and others around them.

Mobile: 09193707783

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