equip the treatment staff

Items delivered to the Marivan hospital in Kordestan in the plot of our_health_is_all_about_your _health

Due to the high casualties of the treatment staff in Iran and #corona virus prevalence countinues ، it is protective equipment for doctors and nurses , they are in need, in the current situation, due to the high working pressure and need to be in the best condition mentally in order to do their best in the way of protecting others health in these days
Provide psychological counseling and practical solution to better deal with the situation helps treatment staff


Delivery of the necessary equipment of the medical staff to Imam Khomeini Hospital in #Kuhdasht, #Lorestan province, by Imam Ali Society.
Currently, with the exception of schools and universities, other activities in the country have resumed. Lack of control over these conditions leads to an increase in the number of patients, endangering the general health of the community and, naturally, the health of medical staff in all around the country.

Delivery of required equipment/items to medical staff in Dehdasht city in Kohkilooye and Boyrahmad province. ( Part of one of of Imam Ali society’ plan)
List of items:
120 N95 Mask
50 goggles
200 isolated gowns
200 shoe cover
200 hat cover

In the midst of the current crisis, and not long after end of Norouz holidays, just as people are going back to work it appears that a new wave of Covid-19 has hit us!
This recent outbreak demonstrates the critical importance in providing all essential equipment and tools to healthcare workers until the virus has been eradicated.
This requires attention from the media to keep demanding for help in order to help organizations responsibly prepare the equipment and supplies that our medical staff desperately need.


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