Farahzad Iranian House

Education is the fundamental right of every child

We still have to fight for a world in which education is recognized as a right of every child; for a world that daughters are not envious of the smell of new books and new crayons. We still have to shout in order to defend the education rights of children. Woe to a world that forbids light to his children and does not hesitate to expand the borders of darkness. Paintings and poetry readings of children in Farahzad’s Iranian House



The art of Farahzad’s mothers ‌ will soon be showcased in the virtual bazaar called “smell of Nowruz”

How powerfully, with a tiny needle, she spins the mill’s big wheel of life so that the wheat can become a bread and bring life with it.

How creatively she paints on the lifeless face of cloth to color her baby’s face;

And how artistically she leads the rhythm of life towards being so that her loved ones are not led astray.

A mother who is the head of the family can spread a safe umbrella on the arch of the house in such a selfless, compassionate, kind, and motherly way so that the house stays warm and full of light without any damage ..

Embroidery workshop for mothers of Farahzad’s Iranian Home




Production of “Tida” environmentally friendly access qualities from mothers at Farahzad Iranian Home

Those weary hands knit a shelter,
That yarn inspirits a soulless piece of cloth,
A profound warmth of hope to win her share amidst this chaotic world,
And all this to untie one of the knots…

production of environment-friendly “Tida” handbags by mothers in the Iranian Home of Farahzad









production of environment-friendly “Tida” handbags by mothers in the Iranian Home of Farahzad

Sign Language Learning Course for Iranian Farahzad Home Teachers

Holding first sign language training course for Farahzad Iranian Home teachers’ to facilitate teaching to deaf children and adolescents

A grateful painter in a small town

A painting and letter of appreciation from one of the children of #Iranian_Home_Farahzad to the volunteer teachers who have supported them by holding online classes during the Corona pandemic.

I appreciate my dear teachers who have been so strong “like a mountain” during the coronavirus crisis and have taught me how important it is to just keep going in these hard situations.


With the help of charities and volunteer members of Imam Ali’ Society, 38 food and sanitary packages were distributed among the families of the Iranian House of Farahzad in the project of #distancing_with_Hunger.

It is worth mentioning that a significant part of these items was provided by a group of esteemed benefactors and donated to the Iranian House. Also, the rest of the cash donations were provided in the total amount of 86,660,000 Rials.


Due to the continuing outbreak of #Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Iranian Home at #Ray, in the fourth phase of its activities, distributed 121 packages including food, liquid hand soap, and hand sanitizer in the #Shahr_e_Rey area within the framework of #distancing_with_hunger.



Preparing and distributing support packages in the Iranian Home of #Darvazeh_Ghar, within the framework of #distancing_with_hunger.

Imam Ali Society supports 3,000 families living in slums during the #Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in a project called “#distancing_with_hunger”. In this plan, a support package is offered to each family.

The packages were prepared at the Iranian Home of #Darvazeh_Ghar and were delivered to the families along with health precautions so that, we would not withhold our empathy and support at the time of #Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which is a danger threatening the whole society.


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