For Afghanistan

For decades, Afghanistan has not seen peace. It has always been between fire and blood. The Taliban’s new takeover of provinces and districts, and the fall of power and wealth into their hands, have once again raised fears of unjust trials, massacres, and wider restrictions on women and abuse of them.

The Taliban’s partial domination of the country has put the present and future of the children at greater risk than ever before. In this tense situation, however, the main issue is dealing with the humanitarian crisis unfolding before the eyes of the world.

During forced migration, children are deprived of the right to education, health, and proper nutrition. The risk of physical and psychological harm considerably threatens children and women, forcing them to accept difficult tasks in exchange for food and shelter. The impact of such harm will remain in the families for several generations. The stay of children in their homeland means an unwanted presence on the unequal battlefield as human shields or victims that the authorities need to protect themselves.

The dimensions of this humanitarian crisis will take on new dimensions as the war in Afghanistan intensifies. In such a situation, every concerned person wonders how to prevent the aggravation of the harm. Certainly, the international community’s concern, vigilance, and appropriate response can save the people from suffering. The first step is to understand the suffering of children, women, and citizens of Afghanistan and not be indifferent. The extremists not only destroy Herat and Afghanistan but also will destroy the world.

We look forward to the day when children are not the belligerents of war, the day when women are not the victims of power-seeking on the battlefield, the day when peace overshadows the world and the war with all its benefits for those in power disappears. We look forward to that day and try our best to achieve it.

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