Good news on the way, another forgiveness

Majid was pardoned on 11th November 2019 by those in mourn. They officially granted their forgiveness and thus the 50th dossier of Teflan-e Moslem was closed thanks to the big hearts and efforts of those involved.

What happened:

Majid was 17 years old at the time. He receives a call from a friend an evening in the midst of autumn. He tells Majid that their other friend Omran had been gossiping behind his back. Being juvenile and passionate, he feels offended and decides to go and discuss the matter with him.

While talking to each other, Majid sees Omran. They approach one another and Majid requires the reason of his slandering. The quarrel starts. And as is expected in such situations others join in a few minutes.

At this moment Saeid (the victim) witnessing the crowd approaches them in an attempt to cease the fight and hits Majid on his back.

The latter being in an agitated state, stabs Saeid on his shoulder, and witnessing the blood gushing out of his friend’s body, he is petrified and escapes toward the desert.

Saeid is sent to hospital afterwards, yet unfortunately the effort is in vain and a mournful family is left behind.

After 6 years Saeid’s parents open up about their feelings and sorrow: During these years people would come to us inquiring about the incident and what we have decided to do about it; and it would renew our grief each time.

Opinions varied, some encouraged execution, others wanted to know the reason we don’t terminate the procedure.

But what good would execution do at the end? He was a kid and made a stupid mistake, but we should know how to handle the situation as adults.

Saeid’s parents chose forgiveness to offer peace and calm to our society as well as a second chance to another human being. They chose to offer their share of light to our dark cruel world.

On 11th November 2019 after providing the sum of money that is due according to Islamic law (out of which 300 million was donated by IAPSRS) Majid was set free from a doomed destiny.

May such an unfortunate situation not repeat itself due to a fundamental change in both our point of view and laws. Rules of punishment regarding adolescents should be improved and social contexts that have considerable impacts which lead to such mishaps must be studied and resolved. This indeed needs persistence and commitment from all of us.

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