heart work

Join us to be witness together to the heart work of the Balooch children. On the outskirts of the city, some deprived zones, consisting of mostly Balooch migrants, have been formed for years.
The children there, not having houses to live in, have to work in streets and leastways they were deprived of education and without a brilliant future untill some years ago.
In 1395, voluntary forces of Imam Ali’s population were dispatched to the zone and after the familiarization with the children problems, they succeeded in absorbing them to the local educational centre of the population.
Besides formal lessons, the population’s trainers took action to hold art classes including theatre and photography. The brilliance and efforts of them were fructified with theatre_in_the_round and the exhibition of photography and were given a welcome by the public.
The going_ahead exhibition is the result of some of these teenaged artists’ work. We are honored to exhibit their artwork kilometers away from their home in Vancouver , Canada so as to be the voice of them.


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