I run

I run,run and run!
But to me running is not escaping… even though I’m running from darkness to light.
I run towards liberation, liberation from chains of disappointment, liberation from cage of solitude!
I run for fraternity, for peace and calm. I run to witness good days, to make a better world for my people…
And I, who run, am thousands of bodies! We are thousands of united bodies, relying on our will and running towards our dream. A dream that pictures a land where kids’ share is laughing & playing where the game of guns & bullets, pipes & syringes is unfamiliar with humans’ destiny.

Track and Field league of IAPSRS is where we run with all our might and we’re all winners since darkness will never make it that far.

IAPSRS 3rd track & field league statement written by: Morteza Balooch
Photo By Roghaye Hosseini

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