Iranian Home of Ahmadabad Mostofi

Punch-embroidery workshop, job creation

The job creation team of Ahmadabad Mostofi Iranian House held an embroidery workshop with the aim of empowering the women of this center. Now, the result of this training course is a collaboration with one of the furniture brands in the country.

Each step from beginning to the end of making cushions for this collaboration is done by the women of the Imam Ali Society.

The art and interest in apprenticeship for mothers and women of Ahmadabad Mostofi Iranian House is a bright light to the future.


Nazanin (Nazmeh) Ansari, the talented girl of the Iranian house of Ahmadabad Mostofi, reached a world ranking as a member of the Iranian national robotics team.

In the first Global Robotics Challenge with participation of 193 different countries, Iran’s youth robotics team managed to win second place in the environmental category at the Grand Award level (the highest level of competition).

The young members of Iran’s team worked on the “smart trash” project, which, if implemented, can easily solve the waste issue.

FGRC competitions are held worldwide annually with the support of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and “First” Company to promote STEM for adolescents interested in robotics.

This success is the result of our daughter’s persistent endeavors, the efforts of the coaches of the national robotics team, and the volunteer members of the Iranian House ‌of Ahmadabad Mostofi.

Many congratulations to the family of Nazemeh Ansari and the large family of Imam Ali Society.

Click to view competition results.

The needlework products are being produced in Ahmadabad Mostofi Iranian Home

And the eyes that are looking to a bright future to spread the way of entrepreneurship and learning.
A future in which there is no false jobs. There is only art, love, and skill.
And a future that’s being made.
The needlework products are being produced in Ahmadabad Mostofi Iranian Home, following the aims of entrepreneurship


Skills Workshop in Iranian Home of Ahmadabad Mostofi, “Parquet Flooring Skills”

Five teens from the Iranian home participated in this two-day course and after learning this skill, they were able to cover the floor of a classroom.

Teenagers’ aptitude for learning this technique, and skills similar to this, will have a significant impact on their future career prospects and getting out of their false jobs.

May the peephole of hope be opened as a bright door to the future


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