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Imam Ali Relief Society started its preliminary work in Isfahan in November 2013 by first doing a thorough investigation of the situation of people in Isfahan’s impoverished suburbs such as Darak, Zeinabie, Naser-Khosro, Makine, Marchin, Juy-Abad, Pinart, Dolat-Abad, and Habib-Abad. In 2014, Imam Ali Society started its humanitarian activities in Isfahan by starting its activities in the Zeinabie neighborhood.

 First, the Imam Ali Society ran humanitarian projects such as “Ka’ebe-Kariman” (a wish-come-true project for immigrant children, children living in poverty, and child laborers), “Kuchegardane-Asheq” (a project for fulfilling the basic human needs of poor families), “Yalda-dar-Koochehaye-Faghr” (a project for celebrating the national day of Yalda with poor families), and “Haft-Sine-Barkat” (a project for celebrating the Iranian new year with poor families).
Finally, in March 2015, the Imam Ali Society opened the Iranian Home of Isfahan which provides educational services for the children who are deprived of education.

 Since the opening of the Iranian Home of Isfahan in Zeinabie neighborhood, 80 children have been receiving a variety of services including medical care, educational training (including school subjects, sports, and art) as well as legal, psychological, and social support (for both the children and the women who run their households). :seedling:

The poster heading: since November 2013, Imam Ali Relief Society started identifying the situation of people living in impoverished suburbs of Isfahan and finally started its work focusing on the Zeinabie neighborhood.

In the last six years, the Iranian Home of Isfahan has been able to serve families living in marginal urban areas across different aspects. In this group, the aim is to consider the various physical and mental needs of children and their families.

Basis of activities in Iranian Home:

  •  Teaching core classes (math and sciences) and arts
  •  Reading books
  •  Sports
  •  Psychology
  •  Treatment
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Teaching literacy
  •  Social work activities
  • Pursuing legal issuesExecuting society’s projects and plans is another part of these activities.Also, this Iranian Home, together with the honorable people of Isfahan, has accomplished various achievements during this period, such as the following:
  •  Registering children deprived of education in schools
  •  Obtaining identity cards for children
  •  Providing educational support for children enrolled in schools
  •  Providing education to 70 children deprived of schooling
  •  Improving the level of hygiene in families through educational workshops
  •  Improving a sense of responsibility in families for their children’s education





Yalda was just a name, a night, and an ancient tradition; but for years thanks to your warm hands, Yalda has been celebrating its longevity in kind hopeful looks of kids. Maybe there will be a day where Hafez predicts a bright future for them as well.

Distributing packs of Yalda in 2020, amongst families under IAPSRS protection residing in marginal areas of Isfahan:

  • Nutrition packs for 80 kids and adolescents
  •  Packs of presents for 49 kids and 24 adolescents, including book, beanie, gloves, and headband (items were chosen based on the sex and age of the recipient)
  •  25 packs of nutrition and sanitary items each including: 10 kgs rice- 1 kg lentil- 1 kg pea- 500 g tea- 1 kg cubed sugar- 2 pastas- 2 tomato pastes- 1 bottle of oil- 1 canned fish- face mask (1 pack containing 50).
  •  11 packs were provided by one of our supporters.


The one who makes a heart happy makes the world happy

Together with you, we took another step to make our families smile. In the hope that one day all families become full of hope.‌Distributing purchasing cards, each worth 2,500,000 Rials, along with the following food and sanitary items among the supported families in the first decade of the holy month Muharram. It was done by the volunteer members of the Imam Ali Society at Isfahan with respecting all sanitary protocols.

Package Items:
* Meat: 1,400 kg
* Iron tablets: 1 pack of ten
* 4 simple pieces (or 2 fabric pieces)
* 3 packs


Smile of children 

This time the smile of our children, is the smile of fruition, the sweet smile of crossing the finish line.

The graduation ceremony for students who participated in English classes held in the Iranian Home, Zeinabie branch in Isfahan. Students were awarded class certificates.

These children build their homeland future

Their intelligence, capability, and diligence are the assets we have for better days.
These days, we are striving for a more beautiful future, and we are nurturing our children’s talents by holding online English language classes for them.

The video shares this fascinating moment with you: watching their effort and progress…:hearts:

Virtual English class for children and teenagers
#Iranian_Home at #Zainabiya in #Isfahan




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