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we sang a song of love for our children …

This year, in the project of Imam Ali Society called “tell of love” and on the eve of the new school year, stationery and necessities of one school year were prepared and distributed among 30 of our children in the Iranian Home of Khaksefid.


The robotics team of Imam Ali Society won third place in the RoboCup Iran Open League

The robotic team of teenage boys of Khaksefid who won first place in junior cup competitions in March also won third place in the Robocup competitions of the Iran Open. They were also selected as the best team who is participating in these competitions for the first time.

This success was achieved through the hard work of our children, their teachers, and the support of the Robotic team of the Iranian Home of Khaksefid.

We believe that poor marginal areas are full of talented capable children who, in case of receiving support can achieve huge amounts of success.

We dedicate this achievement to the students of Seyedalshohada’s school who were the innocent victims of the recent terrorist attack in Kabul. They dreamed of victory but the shadow of ignorance didn’t let that happen.


A team of teenagers from Imam Ali Society, the champion of the national robotics competition.

The 13th National Junior Robotics National Cup was held on April 6th, 2021, in the Farzanegan School.

At the end of these competitions, ‌ the teenage boys’ team of Khaksfid Iranian Home of Imam Ali stood in the first place.

This Achievement results from a year of unstopped efforts of the teenagers and also the support and training of volunteer instructors and coaches of the Khaksafid Iranian Robotics Class.

We firmly believe that each of your achievements raises the voice of children living in marginal areas to society louder.



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