labor children in the days of the prevalence of Corona in Iran

The quarantine had this meaning to them:
They gathered in a corner of the street. From morning to night, they stayed there and did not go anywhere. Street quarantine!

Don’t forget labor children during the days of the Corona. They are the most vulnerable part of the society.

Photo of labor children in the days of the prevalence of Corona in Iran, Shahid Dastgheib Square Qom

Video report of #Child Labor in different streets of #Shiraz during the days of the #Corona outbreak in Iran; The photos address #Teymouri , #Taleghani and #Zand St. in Shiraz.

While special attention should be paid to children in the current situation, especially #children of labor, the economic needs of families make the children to continue working as before, and be at risk of contracting the disease and transmitting it to family members. Supervisory organizations are expected to provide more support to these children through assisting their families.


Coronavirus increases child labor.

Concurrently with #World_Day_Against_Child_Labour, International Labour Organization declared that #COVID-19 augments child labor. Widespread closure of schools around the world and increase of #poverty due to numerous deactivated businesses can eventually intensify this phenomenon.

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