“Madar Nan Dad” campaign in support of female headed household families, because of cancellation of the “Booye Eydi” market due to Corona virus outbreak

*Despite all the economic hardships in 1398(2019), all of the Jamiat Emam Ali’s entrepreneurship sections , relying on the potency of single mothers and with the support of volunteer members, attempted to help to stabilize their businesses and keep on producing the products.

*Some of the most effective ways to support and empower female headed household families are supporting education and teaching skills, product production and creating an environment to present and sell those products.

*The present complicated situation in our society made the New Year’s markets postponed for selling the products and holding” Booye Eydi” festival.
We hold ourselves responsible to be a support for these respectable single mothers to help them stay empowered in order to make a bright future for their children and themselves.
We believe we should stand beside these mothers and their kids, like a family.
With respect to impossibility of holding the actual markets and selling these women’s products directly, we are holding the “Madar Nan Dad” ( mother is the breadwinner) Campaign to support the female headed household families.



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