Malekabad Iranian Home in Karaj

Education is a right, not a privilege
#Malekabad_Science_Home in Karaj, donated 27 new #tablets and mobile phones to 27 families supported by Imam Ali Society (Alborz branch), in order to facilitate students’ education in the current academic year; With the hope that a positive step has been taken towards their empowerment and access to basic education in the current situation. Considering the number of children in each family, it can be said that more than 50-60 children will be able to use the donated products.
Of course, it is worth noting that despite the great importance of free and appropriate public education, there are many children who are deprived of basic facilities and are left out of the classrooms.
Education, along with medical treatment, housing, etc., is one of the basic rights that the government is responsible for providing, and not providing a suitable environment for everyone is nothing but a clear violation of this important issue and depriving the lower classes of society more than before!


Holding vitrail classes and preparing boards for this year’s Aid Idi Shopping Mall; by Malekabad Teen Girls, Karaj Iranian Home

Our love house is full of enthusiasm and talent,
Full of artistic hands which create and make,
The vitrail classes and making the tableaus ready for this year’s Booye Eidi mall; by the teenage girls of MalekAbad, Karaj Iranian House
Like the previous years, you can have these beautiful handicrafts of our daughters by going to Booye Eidi mall.

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