Online education activated in “Lashar” region

This online education project is designed for students who have been left out of or fallen behind the education system and schedule. Classes have been held and exams are taken since the previous semester.

With the help of the Bureau of Education, this project has been tested in “Chanf” and “Tang Sarheh” villages and it is going to be tested in five other villages in the same region. In case the desired result is achieved, this project will be set up in other regions of the province as well.

However, the lack of internet access in several villages is an obstacle this project is facing which is being tended to.

Needless to say, the materials and courses that are being taught are based on the online education section of the Ministry of Education and IAPSRS has had the task to identify villages and provide them with essential electronic equipment.

ID: @sistanobaluchestan_ias

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