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School registration report of the Iranian home of Pakdasht in the year 2022

One of the Imam Ali society activities In Pakdasht is to support and lead the children to continue their education by tracking and solving the administrative issues.

The major issue is that children who don’t have identifications are not allowed to be registered at school.

It is possible for concerned Afghan children to register at school by getting a document called “educational support card” from a bail office, and for concerned Iranian kids by asking a permission letter from a police office.

In these 3 slides, you can read about the efforts of 11 volunteers of the society for 170 students of Pakdasht Iranian home to help them continue their education. In total, the volunteers spent more than 300 hours to overcome the school registration obstacles for these kids.

Hope one day there won’t be any school drop-out in Pakdasht as all children have the right to education.


Iranian house of Pakdasht’s book club

January 12, 2021

In the Iranian house of Pakdasht’s book club, 121 children and teenagers received books based on their age and have been supported by 37 volunteers.

Access to books and learning about the culture of reading books is the right of all children and adolescents. This project aims to strengthen social relationships, emotional and linguistic skills by making children and adolescents interested in book reading. In this video, see the books used in this project and listen to the children and teens reading.

activities of Pakdasht Iranian Home during the first half of September 2020

September 20, 2020

In this video, you will get acquainted with the activities of Pakdasht Iranian Home during the first half of September 2020:

Activities included the following:

1- Virtual language class

2- Virtual math class

3- Different teams’ coordinating session

4- Mountaineering of Pakdasht Iranian Home’s girls with accompanying coaches

5- Class for reading Shahnameh

6- Cleaning the science home and doing installation work

7- Distributing 10 packs of powdered milk among 4 families

8- Distributing 12 donated bags of food

9- Following up with school enrollment

10- Following up with immigrant families’ blue cards

11- Starting to do the medical tests for the project called “Nazr-e Marham”

12- Continuing the follow-up with legal cases (identity cards)

13- Following up with social help and visiting families


The contact number of Pakdasht Iranian Home:

09012728119 ID: @imamalisociety

Maryam Gholami Rabbani won third place in Track and Field running race at Pakdasht Iranian House

December 22, 2019

Maryam Gholam Rabbani succeeded in the Track and Field running race. Maryam, coming from Pakdasht Iranian house, is a member of select track and field Emam Ali’s Persian club team.
She won the third place in Long Jumping in the youth track and field competitions has been held in Tehran province.


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