Listen! Words full of concepts, concepts for which we strived so hard

Recognizing marginalized areas, assistance, sympathy, fraternity, heroism, friendship, equality of religions and races. Profound concepts like hope and peace.

Each year through Persian League, beyond sports, we learn these concepts together and make efforts for them to come true.

Persian Soccer League is the biggest soccer league in Iran dedicated to kids and adolescents of marginalized areas around the country that has held tournaments during 5 years, each with presence of hundreds of kids from different cities, in form of more than 50 teams, and for three age groups; juniors, adolescences and seniors.

Watch the video and listen to the players of Persian League’s selected soccer team.

Persian League’s #selected_team is composed of the most talented kids identified during matches. The team began in 2018 for adolescents and seniors in order to introduce new talents to the country’s official soccer competitions.

ID: @imamalisociety
ID: @PersianSportsClub

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