Sarasiab Iranian Home

Beginning of the academic year 1401 1400 in the Iranian house of Sarasiab

The fall semester of Sarasiab Iranian House began in early October, together with the celebration of Children’s Day, with a pack of stationery as a gift for 37 children and also holding face-to-face classes for a number of children and teenagers. ‌These classes, which are organized with the aim of strengthening the educational base of children and adolescents and teaching to children who have dropped out of school, are being held for 40 children and adolescents with the help of 18 volunteer trainers.



Education is right of all children

Together with the end of the educational semester of Iranian Home at Sarasiab, a small celebration was held with the presence of a limited number of children and educators of the house so that we could spend this end together happily. It should be mentioned that during this semester, 16 children in different grades completed their education with the help of their teachers, and also 5 children who dropped out of school were trained to learn reading and writing. Education_is_right_of_all_children



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