Maintaining children’s health in a community is a conscious social choice for which a healthy community is responsible.
Self reflection class

All equations in this world may be solvable except for one; Human against a human!
The interests of people would conflict with each other and that is why this equation turns into the most complex one in the whole world.
This equation will only be solved with diligence, surrender, and sacrifice!


The fundamental question of a social reformer should be: why should there be poverty in society so that the rich feel enriched by helping the underprivileged?


World’s biggest agony is to concede to one’s fellow man affliction as a rule.

Social prophets elucidate the goal of creation in light of unity and a prosperous collective life.


Pitiful is a society where a kid dies, but his physical death is not as painful as the fact that infancy and spirit are being lost. Yet more painful than this latter is when his death becomes a repetitive and constant reality, in which certain people live.

Meeting on “philosophy of estrangement”


The earth can be built upon one thing and that is the enduring innocence of children.

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