The extremists’ language of bullets and shedding the blood of the innocent ones

Imam Ali Society Statement at Condemn Terrorist Operations at Kabul University

This is not the first time that a corner of our world has been invaded by extremist groups, those whom their language is bullets and want to torture the ordinary people, who hate blind prejudices, and with the essence of the blood of the innocent, depict the hate on the page of life.

It is necessary for all human societies, beyond all borders, to respect the inalienable human right to live free from violence and the madness of extremism, and to condemn all forms of terrorism and extremism, and to commit to creating a platform for lasting peace between nations. Among these things, it should consider eliminating the causes of terrorism, including poverty and acute hunger, as the main mission, so that our earth gradually becomes a planet free of violence and extremism, and suicide operations faded in history.

The Imam Ali Society extends its condolences to the honorable people of Afghanistan and to all those who are deeply saddened by the terrorist attack on Kabul University that killed and injured numbers of students and academic ones. With the hope of a world that respects the language of peace and the dignity of life.


بیانیه جمعیت امام علی در محکومیت عملیات تروریستی در دانشگاه کابل 

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