The food distribution project at Imam Ali society 2020

These steps are the actions of Imam Ali society during the food and sanitary distribution project.
This project is a way to discover and investigate the problems of in need families and protect them by doing suitable responsible actions regard they needs.

What is the Imam Ali Society’s procedure for identification?
In the food distribution project, families are identified at the beginning and then a team of social workers start their work of examining every aspect of these families’ conditions.
it quite clear that only a food packages will not be enough.  So in order to solve the problems that plague these poor families, it is necessary to follow up with their situations and help them over time and not just provide aid in one single instant of time.

What is the process of preparing and distributing food and sanitary bags in Imam Ali Society?
The #food distribution project is to see and understand the hidden suffering parts of the country’s suburbs.
Neighborhoods that have been denied and ignored for years due to #poverty, #addiction, etc.
However, a large part of this pain and suffering is the result of the improper performance of the responsible institutions to do not support the deprived strata moreover the lack of effective supervision of these organizations by the higher institutions.

What is the work process of Imam Ali’s society in the action of “examining identified family problems”?

You can’t just take a bag home; watch Children’s bodies and souls which are suffering from under #poverty, #addiction, disease, etc.!
It is not the act of humanity to take responsibility for these sufferings innocent children by just giving them a bag.we should stay near these suffered people and try to solve their problems.

The pain goes beyond the bags …


Motion graphics of #food_distribution_process: an annual project of IAPSRS, a four-sided operation;

distributing bags of food is only one page of the book of #food_distribution_process; alleys of poverty are countless and walking through them requires love as vast as hearts aching to bring smiles, not just for one night but for the whole year, on the faces of deprived kids.


Preparing 400 bags within the #Kuchegardan plan to be distributed in the Sarbaz area of #Sistan_and_Baluchestan province with the cooperation of coaches and players of Imam Ali Society’s #Persian Team of Sarbaz.

Sanitary instructions for dealing with #Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been announced to the packing headquarters in Sistan and Baluchestan province, and sanitary items including masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, and surface disinfectants have been sent to these headquarters. Packaging and distribution of the items are done according to the instructions.


A family of four who are forced to migrate from Kermanshah to the outskirts of Ilam due to poverty and unemployment.
The father is addicted.
A 13-years-old boy has to do #garbage_collection_labour to make a living.
We saw the boy in the #food_distribution_project.
We celebrated his birthday, he wished the candles on the cake that had died to shine one day…
The family was supported by a donor; provided the boy to not work.

We gave the mother some yarn to knit and make her own business.
We are trying to convince the father to stop using drugs.
The boys returned to school and got excellent grades.
They participated in the extra classes.
Both are stars in the Persian football team, they shone in the theater group.

You see;
It’s as the boy wished on his birthday, he is shining like a star now…

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