The Imam Ali Society Letter of Thanks

Dear companions, sympathizers, and members of the large family of the Imam Ali Society

The release of Sharmin Meymandinejad on bail was sweet, but we will not forget our bitterness and questions about why this happened. This was a tragic event, but there were many lessons to be learned.
However, the answer to impartial and honest services and the promotion of the humanistic ways of life is not punishment, arrests, and detentions. It may be a result of misunderstanding or the unwillingness of a particular individual or groups’ nut. The support of various segments of society has shown that society has hope and appreciates love and strives to protect it. It was the unsparing supports of ordinary people of society, which made these difficult times bearable and motivate us to continue our services to the marginalized area residents.

Different sections of the people, from lawyers and jurists, famous artists of the country, journalists and respected members of the media, the families of martyrs and veterans, other intellectuals, such as political activists, professors and teachers, student organizations, graduates of various universities at home and abroad the country and the always volunteer members of the family of Imam Ali society from its establishment until now and the individual seekers of love and whom eager to serve to their country, they were our voice and did not allow us to spend this period of sorrow, alone.
Those who considered the Imam Ali society as their own and called it the national asset, the civil society and social activists who were the strength of our hearts with their unsparing supports and powerful pens and relying on their rights, all made us proud and we honor and pray for those who, as sympathizers of the homeland, took advantage of their position to open this blind alley.

With these sympathies and beauties, Iranian society deserves the best and it is hoped that the consistency and durability of civil society will close to this destination.

In the end, we would like to express our special thanks to the group of legal advisers and lawyers who were and are with us from the beginning voluntarily, without any expectation, and we hope that the result of their efforts leads to the acquittal of the innocent ones and ends of this case.

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