The report of therapeutic camp of ImamAli society in Rameshk

This camp in Rameshk with 11 volunteer members include 2 dentists, 1 doctor, 1 pharmasist, was held in 2 phases.

In the first phase the services of dental was done as follows:

138 case of pulling out( extracting) baby teeth.

29 case of pulling out of permanent teeth.

26 case of pulpotomy of baby teeth.

3 case of pulpotomy of permanent teeth. 21 case of tooth crown(ssc) for children.

3 case of restoration with amalgam for baby teeth.

5 case of restoration with amalgam for permanent teeth.

55 case of compostite restoration for permanent teeth.

1 case of composite restoration for baby teeth.

11 case fissure sealant. 3 case of teeth cleaning.

1 case of root canal therapy.

At the same time 100 children were recieved educating oral health, package of toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, dish and book.

In the second phase by sending the doctor to villages, 300 children and adults were visited by the doctor and 6000 items of medicine and supplementaries recieved freely



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