This is the Iranian house of Darvazeh Ghar

I heard someone laughing out loud, I heard a group singing enthusiastically for peace, I heard someone laughing from the bottom of his heart.
I felt a strong scent of love and kindness.

I was curious and couldn’t help not opening the door. I went in and saw children playing and this scene attracted me even more. A bit further, I saw a curious kid trying hard for his future. In the corner, I saw smiles which didn’t want to fade. I saw a child who was making his dream with a piece of paper hoping that it will come true one day.

I asked: where is this place? What is this house for?

They replied: This is the kindness house, the endeavour house, where pain is forbidden to enter. People understand you here.

This is the Iranian house of Darvazeh Ghar.

Written by Parisa, daughter of Iranian house of Darvazeh Ghar

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