World Entrepreneurs’ Day

In observation of World Entrepreneurs’ Day: (The Third Day of Ordibehesht, August 21)
The women who are supported by the Imam Ali Society,fall under one of two categories: 1) “Entrepreneurship and Homes for Employment”, or, 2) “Motherhood”.
The purpose of Entrepreneurship and Establishment of Homes for Employment was to empower women who are living in marginalized districts and do not have access to the resources that would allow them to learn new skills or to build upon their talents. Many of the women who are now members of the entrepreneurship division of the Imam Ali Society had previously been forced to work “false jobs” or in jobs that posed dangerous risks to their health just so they could support their families. In being part of the entrepreneurship division, these women are being taught the skills needed to succeed in the workplace and are provided with safe working environments and opportunities.
The Motherhood division was formed to support and help improve the quality of womens’ lives as mothers. As of today, services provided by this division include therapy and social worker services, medical services, general education, life skill tutorials, and much more.

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