Yalda of the year 1398

Yalda in the Sacrifice Alley

This year, in the Imam Ali population, we intend to hold a # Yalda-in-the–Sacrifice-Alley at all of our representatives across the country.
At Yalda Celebration, we will gather with the children of the marginalized neighborhoods to renew our love and show our commitment to them, at this cold winter days.

According to estimates, the cost of providing warm clothing, celebration and etc, for Imam Ali Society’s children at all around the country is 150 million Tomans.(10,000 USD)
To finance this celebration, we need your kind attention and help.

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Our new beautiful bag with Yalda design By Handmade art by breadwinners’ women

Listen, there is a night remains of Fall
And all these beautiful colors will leave us all
Whoever has the lover, his heart has light
My lonely heart has no hope to go for Yalda night

Our new beautiful bag with Yalda design
Product Name: Simple Package Bag
Production: Handmade art by breadwinners’ women
Price: 18,000 Tomans
Size: 33 cm in 37 cm
hands wash with cold water. Necessarily to be Ironed.
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Yald in yazd’s Iranian home

In Persian culture, Yalda is the longest night of the year when we celebrate arrival of winter. The word “Yalda” is a Syriac (an ancient language) term that means ‘birth’.
This year IAPSRS’ Iranian Home in Yazd hosted a #Yalda celebration with Hafez and pomegranates, the indispensables of the night

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Yalda of the year 1398 is over. Yalda’s work for children continues…

Photographs of the presence of members of the Iranian Waste Garage in Malekabad Karaj alongside the scavenging children; these children live in the same area and grapple with a host of problems.


Yalda in Ilam

“An unforgettable night “
Imam Ali’s Society Members in Ilam came to the Yalda night event to provide support and company to underaged workers.



Yalda Night held by Stuttgart Iranian Students’ Association

Yalda Night was celebrated on 21.12.2019 by the Iranian Students Association of Stuttgart University. Following the association’s cooperation with international volunteers of Imam Ali’s community, the proceeds from the sale of food were donated to the community. Food was provided and distributed by 11 people, some of whom are active international members of the population. Alongside the program, a photo exhibition of Baluchi artists was held and a number of these photographs were sold.

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