21 years of memory

The Iranian Home at Sar Asiab has been the children’s home for many years…

Their small hearts, white with innocence, are bleeding because of the losses, suffering from working in the industrial workshops around their insecure place of living, being away from the center of the province, being an immigrant, etc.; as a red and heavenly pomegranate with a white heart in it! :gem:

For the recent six years, the Iranian Home has been a safe haven for more than 90 of these heavenly fruits. To study, be medically examined, take refuge, experience childhood, and find an identity.
It is as if here in the Iranian Home at Sar Asiab, they grind their sorrows and sufferings in order to make them a little easier …

A home that soothes scars, Iranian Home for Healthcare services

Pains and maladies are themselves intolerable for margin-residing families, let alone providing treatment expenses.
Healthcare home was established in 2014 by the Imam Ali Society to gather doctors, dentists, nurses, etc. to offer free preventive or healing services to kids.
Here, kids’ pains are cured.
Here, kids’ agony turns into delight.

It’s been a home for kids for years: Bumehen Iranian Home

We all have heard the children crying. When they sobbed with red eyes in their painful need for drugs; when they had to go to the prostitution house after a long day of working and begging in the streets.
We could not tolerate their addiction, their illegal work, and seeing them going toward prostitution and crime; we could not bear their innocent cries.
How many long nights we felt their pain in every inch of our bodies when they suffered and when they were cured. When their little hands hurt, they told us to sing them a lullaby, and we did while rubbing their hands.
Now, it’s been a year since we opened the Bumehen branch of Imam Ali Society; the house shelters 40 children; so that they will be cured and be healthy again; so that they can study; now they will sing their songs happily in the courtyard of Bumehen Home for Education and Science like they did in their last days in the hospitals.


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