Demand for a society without child addiction…

Since 2016 and after the death of Roya, a six-month-old baby due to addiction, Addiction Secretariat started its periodic activities which have been more consistent and organized since the summer of 2019.

The purpose of this Secretariat is to create a mechanism through which IAPSRS members be able to take action against problems such as pregnant women and child addiction, supporting and guiding members who are helping with these issues, efficient and purposeful team activities to reduce these social harms and spread awareness.

Duties of the Secretariat have been specified based on 3 orientations:

Raising interior awareness: boosting members’ knowledge regarding child addiction.
Raising awareness amongst people and demanding responsible governmental institutions to take action.
Documentation and consultation: proposing solutions and assistance to save kids in all centers as well as following up cases of child addiction in all regions where IAPSRS is present.

ID: @imamalisociety


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