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44 houses in margined areas of 13 provinces…
Would you like to know the reason and goal of Imam Ali Society’s Iranian Homes?
In the areas that are marginalized, have no good school, no playgrounds, no libraries, and other facilities, Iranian Homes are houses of science, art, and education to give everyone an equal opportunity.
If they don’t have a good school, they can learn in the Iranian Home.
If they don’t have a library, they can read books in the Iranian Home.
If they don’t have access to learn work and art skills, they can learn them in the Iranian Home.
If they don’t have access to health care, they can use the health care system of the Iranian Home.


Fulfilling more than 1,000 kids’ wishes…
Would you like to know what are the wishes of our kids and how you can be a part of making them come true?
Working kids, orphans, … Their childhood and their adorable dreams are buried under abuse and working to carry the heavy burdens of their hard lives.
Imam Ali Society’s “Qaabe Kariman” project started in 2008 in the Islamic practice “Etikaaf”.
In the beginning, it was held in Tehran and some areas of Kermanshah, but throughout the years it expanded over the country and in 2018 its main focus was the children affected by Kermanshah’s earthquake.
In this project, our volunteers search for children in marginalized areas and take their wishes and with help of donors make them come true.
Till now, over 1,000 kids received what they wished for.

Imam Ali Relief Society provides health services to over 2,000 children and mothers…

Imam Ali Relief Society gives health-care services to families living in impoverished neighborhoods. The services are given in both special Health Homes and also in places called Iranian Homes where the children also receive educational services. Imam Ali Society opened these centers in these neighborhoods in response to the dire need of families for health care services.

The health care services include:

  • Visiting patients and providing free treatment/consultation
  •  Dentistry
  •  Visiting patients and providing free medical services
  •  Providing medicine
  •  Mobile health-care services
  •  Speech therapy
  • Holding classes on health-care and hygiene for children and the volunteers
  •  Holding classes on first aid and emergency care training to the volunteers
  •  Cooperation with medical science universities for research projects about the prevention and treatment of diseases.
  •  Running cultural and social projects to improve the health of people across society.

All the people involved in providing the health care services are volunteers; this includes medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, the members of rehabilitation and social service teams, students, and members of all other sectors.

“We heard the pain and told of kindness” (In Iran, the beginning of education year is in month “Mehr” which in Persian means kindness).
“Mehr” comes and with it dreams of our children, to go to school, to have books and pencils and laugh in class…
With your help, Imam Ali Society’s volunteers provide books and necessary stationaries for our children and help them get in school in poor areas all over the country.

Providing the opportunity for education…
Would you like to know about Imam Ali Society’s long-term activity in areas damaged by flood, other than first respond aid?
After the first phases of aid and providing necessary help immediately after the flood, the Imam Ali Society decided to be involved in the long-term rebuilding process. After researches, we decided to take action in educational fields and infrastructure.
107 areas where suggested and after cost estimations, the building process is being conducted.
Also, in 2020, we made a contract for building 4 schools in Sistan and Baluchestan province.

Providing protection equipment for more than 25 hospitals in 12 provinces of country…
Do you like to know more about our “Afagh Health” event?
In the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic started this event in social media.
With the help of people and gathering 400million Tomans following equipment were provided for those hospitals:

 And again hope and kindness lit up our Iranian Homes…

From the beginning of Imam Ali Society activities until now, education deprivation for kids living in rural areas has been a significant issue.

Two main obstacles can be named in the way of these children’s education:

1. Challenge with registration in schools, such as registration cost, negligence of the parents regarding registration, child labor, and the many issues immigrant children are faced with ….
2. The cost of necessary equipment for education in schools, ranging from stationaries to smartphones, internet, and …

In these 21 years, the efforts of hundreds of volunteers along with financial assistance from donors, have led to removing these obstacles.

:beginner: The activities done for this goal include:

– Executing the “Teaching Love” project: holding classes to prepare students for school exams.

– Holding different educational classes for kids who have fallen behind on their studies in Iranian Homes, including core classes (math and sciences), arts, sports, creativity, … (These classes were held virtually this year because of the pandemic)

– Putting forth efforts in demanding the right to an education for all children

The following are some of the accomplishments of the society during this past year (1399)

– Registering more than 4,000 students for elementary and junior high schools

– Online education in more than 40 branches of the Imam Ali Society around the country for children and teenagers under the support of the foundation

– Distributing more than 3,600 packs of stationeries and …

Working of 747 household provider women in 24 entrepreneurship centers around the country…
Do you like to know about Imam Ali Society entrepreneurship centers?
These places reveal another side of these women’s stories.
Story of empowerment and standing on their own feet. Story of providing for their children and second starts. Story of regaining self-confidence. A story full of hope…
Imam Ali society entrepreneurship centers’ goal is empowering lower class of society suffering from bad economic situation, low education level, lack of skills and confidence.
First we build their confidence using therapy methods and then through teaching essential skills we provide them the opportunity to work in these centers, and in the long run, in other work environments.


What is general consultative status of the United Nations?
In 2010, Imam Ali Society obtained a special consultative status in the United Nations, and became a member of the economic and social council of this organization, as well as a member of the general advisory board in 2018, which has introduced it as one of the active organizations in reducing social dilemmas at an international level.
It should be mentioned that over 5000 non-governmental organizations have special consultative status in economic and social council (ECOSOC), 138 of them are members of the general advisory board and Imam Ali Society is one of them.
This position is only given to organizations that play an important part in economic and social council because of their close work with their society. This position does not have any financial benefits from UN.

Saving 50 underaged kids from death penalty in 14 years of “Teflan-e Moslem” event…
Would you like to know about “Teflan-e Moslem” event and its results?
This event started in 2006 to follow cases of underaged criminals who were imprisoned and in its beginning years it resulted in more than 70 kids being suspended from charges.
The spirit of this event includes prevention, intervention, and cure that are in these steps:
.Getting consent and creating peace between two families
.Providing the money determined by law for the deceased family
.Promoting the spirit of forgiveness through media and holding annual events
And the recovery process after forgiving:
.Entering freed kids in Iranian Houses and keeping them in social activities.
.Suggesting substitute punishments
.Keeping contact with deceased family after getting their forgiveness to help them recover from the grief.
About 80 cases were followed in this event up until now and 50 of them resulted forgiveness and freedom.

There are many services provided for 6137 kids and teenagers…
Do you like to know what kinds of services they use?
Educational services like classes, scholarships…
Cultural services: extra activity classes like environment protection, creativity …
Art services: theater, music, painting, and other classes along with holding galleries
Sports services: finding talented kids, trained them, and holding events in the Persian sports club and also official domestic events
Healthcare services: dental services, social aid, therapeutic loans …
And many other different services provided by Imam Ali Society.

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