Voice of Peace

This time, the “voice of peace” loud for the people of Afghanistan

On the occasion of World Peace Day, the Voice of Peace Singing Group produced a video in support of the Afghan people. This art is a readout of “Vatanam” by Davood Sarkhosh. Artists of this group have a message for their compatriots in Afghanistan with this clip:

Music video of the “Voice of Peace” group for Norooz (persian new year)

With the emergence of new year, everything is renewed, the trees come up with blossoms and the air gets fresh.

The artists of the voice of peace welcome the spring with their voice which is full of love and affection to make the new year more beautiful. In this new spring, we hope that sorrows will turn into joy and our hearts will always has light inside and be happy all the time. The voice of love remains forever, and its path is eternal and endless.

The “Voice of Peace” singing group members are the children of the Darvazeh Ghar Iranian home(one of the 42 Iranian homes of Imam Ali in the suburbs), has officially started its activities in 2018 in the field of traditional singing and music. The artists of this group have been acquainted with the art of singing from their childhood until now that they become teenagers. Along this way, they have increased their motivation and ability to study as well.

What do you think peace means?

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, we talked to the children of the Voice of Peace. a group of the Iranian House of Darvazeh Ghar, and they told us about peace. At the end of their talks, they ended with the question of the arrest of #Sharmin_Mimandi_Nejad and their demand for his release. he has been working for years to make peace. Conversations that need to be listened to.

Parts of this video were filmed by Hamid, one of the Darvazeh Ghar Iranian house artists .

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