Women’s Day, March 8

The Weakness of protection laws against violence against women.
International Women’s Day, March 8
Today, March 8, is dedicated to women’s issues worldwide, from social and work-related issues and equality to women’s and men’s rights to violence against women.
Violence against women, especially domestic violence, is one of the issues that is tried to stop almost everywhere in the world.
In more advanced countries with the protection of women’s laws, there has been a significant reduction in the issue of domestic violence, and in many other countries, there have been attempts to enact laws to reduce it.
*In our country, domestic violence is one of the most important concerns of women. Domestic violence occurs in a variety of physical, psychological, sexual, and economic forms, especially in marginalized areas.
In addition, in the marginalized areas, issues such as ethnic traditions, cultural poverty, deprivation, and economic poverty are exacerbating these acts of violence, and unfortunately, the increasing prevalence of drugs in our country, especially industrial drugs, has increased this violences.
Unfortunately, however, there are no laws that could prevent such violence in the country, and for years there has been talk of a women’s security bill and the last time it was amended by the judiciary, but the community still has legal basis problems to be able to properly support deprived women.
* We hope a day we have laws that protect women, and it will be formulated in a useful and effective manner very soon by experts in this field.
We congratulate all women on this day.
Photo of Imam Ali’s Female-headed family Sewing Workshop in Sabzin Dast Workshop (Eco-Friendly Bags)


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